We've codified our experiences in providing consulting and architectural services for our clients.  We believe these tools should be shared and made free of use. You can find our tools listed on our GitHub page.

If you need support in using these tools, please contact us.


Docker Bootstrap

We've built this tool to enable management and configuration of your Docker environments from config files that are stored in your projects repository. This tool was built with 12 Factor App best practices. Upon pushing your code to a configured branch a docker image will be built, test, and deployed to your docker hosts. We are currently working on open-sourcing this tool. 


BlockChain WorkFlow

BlockChain is going to disrupt most industries, DevOps support is now one of them! This tool is what enables our engineers to verify work, get paid, and be completely distributed. While we provide a mostly seamless experience for our clients, on the backend our engineering teams are ad-hoc and incredibly flexible. By combining our private GitHub repositories with this ledger-based tool we can provide, monitor, and pay for our engineers work. Yes, we pay our engineers in cryptocurrency.