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Group practice is amazing, as a group you are able to collectively reach a state of deep meditation where each member of the practice is pushing the energy forward. However, in these environments it can be very difficult for the teacher to give individualized attention. With individualized attention you will be able to take your practice even deeper knowing that you’re performing the postures that best fits you and therefore getting the most benefit from your practice.

When you take on individualized practice we will give you complete undivided attention, helping you to reach a new level with your own inner and outer practice.

Most sessions are 60 minutes, however we can custom tailor a practice that is unique to you.

 Why Mamta on your yoga path?

-       I make Yoga approachable and fun (not as parts but as embodied experience)

-       I make genuine connections 

-       I am intuitive about people and make yoga personal to you

-       I care 

-      My mission statement “I help you unlearn YOU’

Price Per Session:

$85 Per Session at My Home Studio

$105 Per Session at Your Place

$20 for each additional person

 To schedule your private session in my home studio or in your house, email to get started

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