The Secret

The dance of breath

The movement of sensations on the body

The pattern of thoughts in the mind

Listen in, Drop in, they maybe sharing something

The secret of Living

The secret of Dying

WithIN the framework of the body

Everything happens within the framework of the body

Observation, the highest form of intelligence

Equanimity or Balance , the highest form of wisdom

Awareness, the highest form of insight

To be a detached observer, to live a balanced life and be an awakened being

Simply look within the framework of the body

Affirmation of Abundance

You cannot give what you do not ALREADY have,

To reach out, you have to reach within first,

I invite you to fill what is empty and empty what is full,

This simple act will lead to TRANSFORMATION,

But within all this change, i leave you with an affirmation,


Yoga of Namaste

Yoga means to yoke , to have union

Is the union of polarities

The good, the not so good times

The Ups and Downs

The Yin and Yang

Now simply bringing the left hand to meet the right hand at the heart center for ‘Yoga of Namaste’

We are reminded to have harmony and balance of our own polarities

Practice the Yoga of Namaste everyday to cultivate the harmony within so you have balance no matter how the world drama unfolds

From my yoga of Namaste to yours!

Fermata - I myself am the swan

The story is not about me, not what's happening in the world around us, the story is within you, within all of us. This untold story is about the lost and the rediscovery of the power we all have - the power of silence. The FERMATA of our own lives - I myself am the swan.

Let's begin the global movement of silence every day and hold the sacred pause. This will begin the yoga of unlearning.

Together in silence we can raise the vibration of the space we hold on the earth.

Musings for a happy and wealthy life

Happiness is a Choice

I accept (whatever life offers)

Pursue curiosity (not passion or profession that pays well)

Practice gratitude

Lifestyle for body , mind and spirit (Mindfulness/Meditation, Body care, Self-love)

How to see and recognize good in other?

Care for something (plant, animal or human) outside of yourself

Save a little every month (not to spend on next toy but for the future)

Give your time to a cause that means something

How to change habits and beliefs? (Work on changing one habit or belief every month to change your life)

Peace begins with me

Bring your thumb and index finger to meet (wisdom seal mudra)

Repeat three times aloud _peace begins with me

Repeat three times in a whisper_peace begins with me

Repeat three times in silence , on your minds eye_peace begins with me

Inner Warrior

There is an inner warrior in each of us

This warrior guides us as an inner child, lover or mother

A way to discover the inner warrior is to be aware of shadow qualities that we deny

i am working my mess to shine the fire within everyday

My mess recognizes the mess in me

My deepest gratitude , Namaste!

Source of Light

Darkness is the absence of light

If you light a flame in a dark room, how long does it take the room to let go of is darkness?

Keep your light ablaze so when experience, relationships or life throws dark moments, you can let go with ease

A simple way is to stay connected with the source of light

To be in your true power, be love, be peace , be light

To us finding the source of light , Namaste!

There are no ordinary moments

There are no ordinary moments

The only moment is Now

There is a secret to joy

Its finding the extraordinary in the ordinary

With thumbs touching the third eye, I recognize the extraordinary you

With Gratitude, hands to the heart, from that part which is the same in you, Namaste!

Authentic Connection

Connection is energy created when someone is seen , heard and feels valued

I invite you in creating authentic connections

First with yourself and then within the community you live

From that authentic connection within me to you, Namaste!

Present of Presence

The biggest gift you can give someone is to be truly present,

Thank you for your presence in class today.

I am reminded that we have different keys but are unlocking the same door

The door of truth

From that open presence within me

To each finding their true presence in the universe, Namaste!

Eyes of Compassion

Today I will see a stranger from eyes of compassion

I will remind myself,

That this stranger has family and friends , just like me

I will remind myself,

That this stranger will go through the cycle of illness and recovery, just like me

I will remind myself,

That this stranger will grow old one day just like me

I will remind myself,

That this is not s stranger but a being of light, JUST LIKE ME

From this compassionate light within me , that is the same in you, Namaste!

The Crack where the Light enters

We all have experienced pain, tears , suffering and have our heart broken

When the heart breaks,

There is a crack , through which the light enters

From that divine light within me that is the same light within you,


Change the Fabric of Your Life

You can change the fabric of your life

One Body, One Breath, One Mind , One Thought

I am you and you are me

I am Everything and everything is Nothing

Nothing is the birthplace of creation , of transformation

From my presence to your presence , that is unseen


Walk to the other side

This one is for you Grandma, miss you always.

As I take the walk to the other side
I remember

My loved ones
Witness of three generations
The memories and hearts I touched
It was grace

As I take the walk to the other side
I remember

My husband
Life with him was of creativity , laughter and giving
He was there to hold my hand to walk the path, then and now
It was grace

As I take the walk to the other side
I remember

My twin children
They showed me expression of kisses, hugs and growing
Because of them , I experienced so many life’s created, just as they were part of me once
It was grace

As I take the walk to the other side
I remember

My own lifetime
96 years were filled with change and I saw what most never get to
More breaths , More heart beats , More prayers , transition of dark and light
It was grace

As I take the walk to the other side
I remember

I was your Bobby, Your Nani ma , Your Dadi, Your big Nani
In my next eternal step , you all made this life worth living
Now remember

You will walk to the other side,
Be inspired, Be simple, Be there when someone truly needs you
I offer you grace to share the legacy of love
As I walk to the other side,
It is only love

Hands to the Heart Center

This center , where the left meets the right , where upper meets the lower, the yin meets the yang , the inhale meets the exhale

From that sweet spot within me to each and every heart beat , Namaste!