When you just gotta get shit done. Get shit done right. 

Happy Pathway can provide guidance, tools, and automation documentation that is fully vetted. There's a right way and a wrong way to do things, it's tempting to cut corners. Time. Money. Effort. Expertise. These are all reasons why short cuts are taken.

There's a better shortcut...

WTF is HappyPathway?
Happy Pathway is a DevOps consulting company. Collectively, we have spent many years successfully designing, developing, deploying and operating highly available production services. Let us help architect your future operations.


Okay... but, why?

Time to Market is minimized. By using our pre-configured reference architectures, the time to successful launch is dramatically decreased.

Cost of roll-out is minimized. By utilizing on-demand resources, the cost of roll out is drastically reduced. We are your virtualized DevOps team. 

Best practices are automatically built-in. We've built every aspect of our reference architectures with security, scalability, and reliability. Our engineers have worked in many well known companies, many of our architects have designed infrastructures that you probably already use on a daily basis.

It is imperative to the long term success of a company to get Operations "right" in the beginning.



We've codified our experiences in providing consulting and architectural services for our clients.  We believe these tools should be shared and made free of use. You can find our tools listed on our GitHub page.

If you need support in using these tools, please contact us.



We've built this tool to enable management and configuration of your Docker environments from config files that are stored in your projects repository. This tool was built with 12 Factor App best practices. Upon pushing your code to a configured branch a docker image will be built, tested, and deployed to your docker hosts. We are currently working on open-sourcing this tool. 


Many Paths. One Goal.


This world is an amazing place... and it is worth everything to make it even better.

We provide free services for non-profit organizations. Our services include managed services, consulting, website hosting, email services, and IT support. We believe this is how we can best do our part and we would love to support your mission.

We exist to help support your cause. 


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