Soulful Sound. Meditative Movement. Conscious Community.

Happy Pathway provides mindful experiences within the community. Happy Pathway is passionate about integration, bringing talents of meditation and music to heal the community.

We collaborate with like-minded talents in the Bay Area and create events anytime, anywhere. We create experiences that focus on helping you to cultivate your inner self, your higher being, and your true sense of self-worth. We can work in your destination of choice. We are especially fond of creating special memories in unique places.

We are all eclectic in our life drawing from many experiences. Here at HappyPathway, we are passionate about creating spaces for people to reach an elevated flow of consciousness.


‘We care. We are passionate about the ‘Unlearning’ process that unfolds in people through inner work and self-enquiry.

Its our intention to create awareness of mind, body and spirit with process of unlearning to what’s not serving you.’