As a certified yoga instructor with formal training in yin, mindfulness, silence for self awareness, sleep management and embodiment, my classes are Hridaya/Heart centered, Yin-Yang paired and invigorating, contemplative to restore balance between body and mind.

I bring my roots from India and global outlook having lived in Middle East and USA to my way of life.

Balance yoga combines different styles of yoga -yin,restorative, meditative flow, vinyasa, breath-work and stress reduction to provide a sense of balance, self reflection, flexibility and rejuvenation for your body and mind.

. “One has to sit with the question in one’s consciousness and the answer appears.”

As an instructor I help find the enquiry but the student should know the questions they are seeking and intention of their practice.

“Smartest thing in the room is Intelligence of our own body; I like to facilitate that self awareness.”

Each practice is designed as an embodiment self-enquiry process. How do you feel or experience rather than how the pose looks. It is your body, your yoga and there is always yogi’s choice.

“Yoga of Namaste”

Namaste is a word often used to end a yoga class. I believe there is a conscious flow that happens after Savasana. There is an asana that needs its own rebirth, unlearning and special place and you may find it in this yoga class.